International Business

“…DCC have used the legal services of Mel Smith and her team since 2004. With headquarters in Dublin, DCC employs 7,000 people in 16 different countries and it is therefore critical that we use legal advisers with a real understanding of complex international commercial issues… more Ann Keenan, Head of Group HR–DCC plc

Dixcart Legal lawyers are experienced in advising on the particular challenges faced by companies trading internationally.

We provide practical, company commercial, commercial property and labour advice to businesses trading in to and out of the UK, as well as to overseas clients seeking to move to the UK, whether setting up a new presence in the UK or acquiring an established UK business.

We work closely with the Dixcart Group - International Professional Advisers, assisting companies and individuals to trade and invest efficiently worldwide using appropriate corporate structures.

The UK is an attractive location for outside investors, especially in the commercial property sector. We have extensive experience in: property transactions; business sales and acquisitions; the energy sector and the hospitality sector.

The English legal system is highly respected throughout the world. It is common for English law to be cited as the governing law as well as English courts to be named as having the exclusive jurisdiction for international commercial contracts.

Our in-depth legal experience regarding international business contracts and relationships means that we can assist with a number of areas of international business, including:

Specialist Areas
  • Labour law
  • Corporate commercial
  • Commercial property
  • Outsourcing agreements
  • Internet trading
Legal Documentation
  • Trading contracts
  • Distribution agreements
  • Marketing agreements
  • Employment contracts
  • Ex-pat agreements
Business Migration
  • Acquisitions
  • Cross border sales
  • Emigration
  • Immigration
  • Mergers