• Joint Ventures - Tenders

    Joint Ventures - Tenders

    SPEEDREAD: A successful tender bid may require pooling resources with other businesses. This article discusses the main options available to businesses wishing to work together as a joint venture in order to win a tender bid and looks briefly at some of the advantages and disadvantages each brings.

    Joint Ventures: Joint ventures occur where two or more businesses work …

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  • Competition Law Compliance Checklist

    Competition Law Compliance Checklist

    SPEEDREAD: A brief overview of the main principles of competition law and what is prohibited, followed by a quick checklist of actions that businesses can take to ensure compliance with competition law. It may also assist businesses to identify illegal anti-competitive behaviour by others.

    Competition law is designed to ensure that companies compete fairly …

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  • A Short Guide To Agency Agreements

    A Short Guide to Agency Agreements

    An agency is a fiduciary relationship based on consent and authority. It occurs when one party (the principal) gives authority to another party (the agent) to create a legal relationship between the principal and a third party. The agent may enter into a direct contract with the buyer on behalf of the principal, or introduce the buyer to the principal, but the …

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